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Gianni Segatta: Handmade Luxury I Must Have

Gianni Segatta: Luxe, Elegance, Beautiful. This is  a name to watch for.  Hailng from Borgoricco Italy, a place that sounds quaint, mysterious and filled with tradition and quality.  Since 2009 he has created “leather masterpieces”. The majority of the bags are handcrafted with minimal machinery involved.  handcrafted collage The bags are gorgeous. I need Gianni in my life!  My favorite style is the Classic Hobo Maxi Style. It is destined to be a staple. A must have in every woman’s wardrobe. The shape of the bag is flattering and the perfect size. Gianni  Segatta is on his way to becoming a household name.  Now I need to get his bags in my household.  How can you get his handbags in yours? Support his project on  Wowcracy, a crowd funding project for Fashion Innovators. Have one of his creations before it hits the masses.

This is how I would rock my Segatta: How would you rock yours?

Gianni Segatta outfit for post

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