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What I’m Loving Right Now: That Chic Chick Jonetta

Who is that chick with the blonde hair? I have seen her everywhere! And everywhere I have seen her she looks absolutely gorgeous. Pretty girl got it indeed! From head to toe there is nothing out of place. As if she jumped off the pages of fabulosity and landed right here in the DMV, that chick is Jonetta Dyer. Her business: Fashion. Can’t you tell?

headshot” I have always been into fashion. I started finding that people were having the same problem as I was: going to the mall and not finding that perfect outfit. However people would always tell me they like what I have on or the things I wear. If they like what I am wearing, I could start an online boutique and sell hot and trendy things”

From casual every day to street stopping attire, this girl has got the “it factor”.  Look for her in an exclusive interview for Marsha B. TV

If you are interested in her styling services and trendy pieces, you can contact her at Follow her:

 Instagram: chicchicks2010

Facebook: chic.chicks.1

Photos by Jonetta Dyer and Celebrity Photographer Tony Brown