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Rite Aid Junkie: Diurex The Water Pill YEEESSSSS!

Almost every day it never fails. By the time I workout, shower and get to work, I am bloated like Shamu The Whale!  I can always tell by my rings. If they fit on the ring finger it’s not too bad. If they don’t fit on the ring finger and they fit on my middle finger, I am livid! Those rings are meant for my ring finger. What’s a girl to do?


I drink water everyday. They say if you drink plenty of water, the bloating will cease…. THAT AIN’T SO! That is my main source of liquid… besides my Coffee, Green Tea or Aloe Juice.  I am not getting it. My salt intake is very low.  It’s only in the mornings.Why in the heck do I bloat SO MUCH! It drives me nutso!

Well I found the answer: Tada! Diurex! These are a lifesaver! No more bloating for me!

I take 1-2 times a week. I don’t take it every day.  In a few hours, the bloating is gone. Without the pill its usually by the end of the day. The bloating is now non- existent.

Diurex is the answer for me!

This post is for Rite Aid. However I would be posting if I worked with them or not, because I LOVE RITE AID! I LOVE ME SOME RITE AID, RITE AID IS MY FAVORITE PLACE!