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Schwarzkopf Ultime Review from Influenster

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I was recently selected by Influenster to receive hair products by Schwarzkopf Ultime.  They sent me the Essence Ultime Omega Repair & Moisture Treatment.

Now you know with African American Hair it takes a few weeks to see if the product really works on dry or damaged hair. or not and if you want to recommend it.  They sent me Ultime Repair and Damage Shampoo, Conditioner and the 1 Minute Treatment Conditioner for damaged and depleted hair.  My hair takes a lot of wear and tear just to keep this ponytail looking good!

The first try I was not convinced as I wasn’t too sure of the results. So I began the challenge of washing my hair once a week and using these products exclusively for the next three weeks.

I also shared this with my daughter who had color in her hair. She experienced her color coming more out after the very first use.

With any hair that is damaged, dry and depleted of everything needed to stay healthy, it takes a few uses to see if it really works.

After three weeks of exclusively using the products, I did see less breakage and stronger hair. There was a difference in the way it left my hair also. It wasn’t as drying and it felt it had retained more moisture. I do not blow dry my hair a lot, so when it air dries I can tell what a product is actually doing to my hair.

I do have one complaint: The 1 minute conditioner. Why is it called that? Can it really repair and fix your hair in 1 minute? Highly unlikely, so I put a plastic cap on and left on for 10 minutes. To each his own, Other than that, I had no real issues.