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Milan Fashion Week: Missoni Fall Winter Collection 2016

I have loved Missoni since I was in school. I used to crochet the striped scarves and look through The Better Homes and Gardens and see the Missoni inspired crochet items. When Missoni came to Target, it shut down the site. Decades later (I am telling my age!) they are still a household name and remain to be a powerhouse in the fashion industry.  ( I will use powerhouse incessantly so please get used to it)


Milan Fashion Week: DSquared2 Fall Winter Collection 2016

DSquared2 Dan and Dean Caten Twins from Toronto Canada has taken the world by storm with their edgy mix of Canadian iconography, refined Italian tailoring and playful sensuality.Their style consists of luxury with a sophisticated edge. I love their brand motto: “Born in Canada, Living in London, Made in Italy”.  


NYFW: Vera Wang Fall Winter Collection 2016

Vera Wang’s collection this year was dominated by Mustard, Plum and Olives. She also included colorful furs, long skirts all which were inspired by  Modigliani paintings and the long lines in the clothing  were influenced by the sculpture of Alberto Giacometti.    


NYFW: Jeremy Scott Fall Winter 2016 Collection

Barbarella. Happy Days. Johnny Bravo and the 70’s all rolled up into one. This is what comes to mind when looking at Jeremy Scott’s Collection. Colorful, comic strips and tiger stripes encompass his look. Guitar sweaters, metallic pants and a denim color blocked short blazer and pant is one of my favorites.  Big hair, Bomber Jackets and Go Go Boots are permeated throughout his runway show. Love it!


NYFW: Coach Fall Winter 2016 Collection

Coach has come a long way from handbags and shoes. I love vintage Coach. It took me awhile to come around to the revamped look Coach had a few years ago when they reentered the fashion arena. I still have my reservations, but for the most part, I am a fan of Coach. Looking at this year’s collection, some of the items reminded me of Burberry Prosum. It has a certain influence there. Coach is trying to break out of the box and become a top contender across the board.    


NYFW: Tory Burch Fall Winter Collection 2016

Class. Elegance. Style. Wearing Tory Burch is like living the American Dream.  She is another favorite designer I looooooooove. Her collection this year is mixed with vibrant colors and traditional patterns such as plaids, strips and argyle. They are a staple to every woman’s wardrobe. You should own several pieces created by Tory. Her clothes will never go out of style.

Love Yourself | We Heart It: I Approve This Video

We Heart It has made an amazing video about loving yourself. I am such an advocate of being yourself, being an original and love your imperfections. There is only one you. There are 8 Billion people on this earth and no matter how close someone is similar to you, there is something that sets you apart from everyone else. In today’s world, there is so much plastic, nips, tucks and just “unbeweavable” everywhere. There is nothing wrong with getting these things, but they shouldn’t define you as a person. It

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NYFW: Diane Von Furstenberg Fall Winter 2016 Collection

Icon. Princess. Wrap Dress. Diane Von Furstenberg. In 1974 she brought the world the knitted wrap jersey dress. It is now considered a staple to every woman’s wardrobe. Fast forward and she is a powerhouse to be reckoned with. From accessories and a home collection, to having her own reality show in 2014, Diane Von Furstenberg has conquered every fashion arena you can think of. Penning her own Memoir and creating her own award show, DVF awards is just a smidgen of her accomplishments. Her new collection reminds me of the

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vic 1

NYFW: Victoria Beckham Fall Winter 2016 Collection

Victoria Beckham is one of my favorite people. I loooooooove her style. Did I say I looooooove her style? I have yet to see her in something that I did not like. Everything that graces her body appears to be just cut for her. HEr haircut, her glasses, even her shorts seem to be tailor made. I sound slightly obsessive? I am I loooooooove her! The photos for her collection are here.  I don’t have favorites because I love them all! Look at her coming from hotel…Go Victoria!  

Herve Leger

NYFW: Herve Leger Fall Winter 2016 Collection

Herve Leger made it possible for everyone to see his collection this year. Live video seems to be the way to go and it’s working. He has emerged from the famous bandage dress, but you can still see the influence in his collection here. Deep hues, metallics and greys dominate this year’s pieces. Herver Leger gives you the runway right from your mobile device. Being in New York is not needed. To see his runway show click Herve Leger Fall Winter 2016