Business casual outfit

When it comes to “business casual outfit “ it becomes a very tricky code to crack. This is made even harder by the fact that there is no definite definition of what would constitute a business casual outfit. The simplest definition would be to describe it as the informal version of the business professional outfit. The business casual outfit is seen as a midpoint of streetwear and formal business wear.

A business casual outfit is usually applicable in numerous working places. However, care should be taken as there are varying degrees of interpretation of the same. Different working environments have different levels of business casual outfits. To know your right level it is always advised you observe your superior’s attires and make the right judgment. This is due to existence of a very delicate balance that must be maintained to attain the flawless business casual look

Both men and women have different business casual outfits. The options for women are numerous and vary greatly. One can opt for chic style or go feminine. By making the right choice of business outfits, one can look fabulous at the workplace. Below is brief description of some of the business casual outfits

Business casual sweaters

business casual sweaterFor sweaters, the size is very fundamental. Choose one that is well fitting and avoid ill-fitted or baggy sweaters. Also, fine gauge knits are preferred. The sweater can have buttons or be buttonless. It doesn’t matter

Business casual blazers

During cold seasons blazers or jackets become more of a requirement at almost every place. However, it does not necessarily mean you can wear any blazer or jacket to your workplace as you still need to maintain that professional look. So to maintain a business casual appearance while still on blazers go for neutral colors; brown, navy and black work perfectly. Pay attention to the fit too. Ensure the jacket does not ogle when buttoned

Business casual pants

Most women prefer to wear pants in their workplace. Ensure that the pants are well fitting, without ripped seams and are free from wrinkles. By letting them have a bit of stretch increases comfort especially if you have to sit for long periods

Business casual dresses or skirts

Even though pants are the obvious choice for the majority, dresses, and skirts can make a good alternative. Colored skirts are okay but it good to avoid prints and bright colors. Slit in the skirts must be modest and appropriate while sitting

Dresses make an easy selection for the business casual outfit. It’s a wear and go item which doesn’t require top and bottom pairing. Dresses also match with blazers and cardigans during chilly weather.

Business casual shoes

With shoes, you are offered with wide range of great options. Wedges, boots, heels, loafers, and flats are all wearable with business casual outfits. Pants are mostly worn with flats as flat are very comfortable. Heels are more characteristic in a work environment, nonetheless keep them about 3 inches or less, to be equally more comfortable and appropriate. Colored flats and heels are okay but avoid florals and prints for the office. Boots are mostly worn during cold weather. Neutral colors and leather material are preferred.

In conclusion when choosing a business casual outfit to ensure you understand your environment and strike the right balance between comfort and appearance


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