How to wear a blanket scarf to work

Are you looking forward to wearing a blanket scarf when going to work? Then you should have a clear understanding of how to wear it. In fact, many different methods are available for a person to wear a blanket scarf and selecting the right method out of them would provide you with the opportunity to enjoy the functionality and look delivered by it. In addition, you need to know how to match the blanket scarf along with the outfit that you wear for work.
Here is a list of some of the best ways how you can wear a blanket scarf while going to work.
If this is the first time you are going to wear a blanket scarf, you can simply tie it. This is the most common method of wearing the blanket scarf. It can also be considered as the most traditional method available for you to wear the scarf as well. To tie the scarf, you will have to fold it in half. Then you need to gather the scarf in its center and place around your neck. You should also let one end of the scarf to hang a little more than the other end.

blanket scarf to workAnother method available for you to tie your blanket scarf is to wrap it around the neck. You will have to bring the scarf around the neck to the front. Then you can drape it with a loose tie. Next, you need to push the long end of the blanket scarf via the loop. You should also be careful to adjust it accordingly. However, most of the women fail to get this method done right in the very first attempt. In such a situation, you should undo it and start again from the beginning.

Kerchief method can also be considered as one of the most effective ways available for you to wear the blanket scarf. This method is called as bandana by some individuals. If you are looking forward to getting the standard look delivered by the blanket scarf, this is an ideal option available to move forward with. To tie the scarf in this method, you will have to take it to your hand and fold from one corner to another. This will help you to create a triangle. Then you should take the scarf to your hand and then pull it around the neck. Next, you need to cross the ends of the scarf behind the head. As the next step, you can pull the two ends around your front again. Now it is the time for you to make those fine adjustments as per your preferences. If you want, you can leave the two ends of the scarf dangling as well. Or else, you can tuck the two ends under the remaining part of the scarf. This will deliver a polished look and feel to you.

Last but not least, you can think about creating a poncho look with your blanket scarf. This is the same method called as cape look. This is a simple method available for you to move forward with wearing the blanket scarf. On the other hand, it has the ability to keep you warm throughout. To begin poncho method, you should hold the scarf and swing it around. Then you would come to a position where you hold it behind like a cape. Next, you should drape your blanket scarf on the shoulders and pull two ends. After doing that, you can make fine adjustments to make yourself look good with the results.


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