What kind of shirt do you wear with yoga pants?

Before you can comfortably answer that question other two very important questions come to mind. Where do you intend to go and or what look do you intend to achieve? Depending on your answer to those questions, then you will be presented with different options. A lot of top celebrities in the world are now wearing yoga pants for street fashion or casual wear. So what are the best outfits to go with them? I will take you through various combinations which you can adopt to bring different looks

Cowgirl Look.

You will mostly need this at your workplace. Choose a Denim chambray shirt and preferably black yoga pants. You can enhance your look by having a chunky scarf and cowboy boots. A nude-colored scarf completes the look. A long sleeved denim shirt is seen as more official.
Street style: when you want to go street casual style with yoga pants you can choose to wear a white t-shirt with logo print. For more accomplished look you can add a denim jacket with accessories such as white sneakers and sunglasses.

Sporty look.

Match skin fit yoga pants with a simple V-neck preferably blue in color. This is a perfect combo if you like sports and like are involved in different types of sports. This outfit can be worn when either going for football session or football classes. This outfit requires you to for a black color skin tight yoga pants with a long sleeve v neck shirt. This gives you the desired casual and comfy look for sport sessions

Summer style.

Asymmetrical long sleeve top and a corresponding baseball cap. Another way to achieve summer yoga style is by wearing a black tank top with pink cropped yoga pants. To add a contrast of color you can include yellow sole flip flops. Matching accessories for this look are sunglasses, yoga mat as well as straw bag

Then there is the summer city style which is brought about by wearing blue v neck top, flared yoga crops and flat sandals

Modest beach style.

The combos for this style are bright colors for the tops. You can wear any bright colored shirts like bright red, orange, blue etc. a white sleeveless shirt can also be perfect. A pair of good flip flops can be worn as shoes

Green and purple style.

For an inordinate look for yoga during spring, wear cropped yoga pants and a matching jacket. This works perfectly for anyone who is wishing to get out her normal dressing routine and attempt something new and exciting. You can play with different colors to achieve different twists of this style. For example purple colored yoga pants together with corresponding zipper top. During fall and spring when you want your dressing to look different and unique this is the outfit for you.

In conclusion, when you decide to wear yoga pants make sure you choose a combo style which will be most comfortable to you. However, remember that different people and even places have different opinions when it comes to yoga. In some places, yoga pants may be considered unofficial or even offensive regardless of the combo you choose.


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